THE BEAK PREVIEW: Cards vs. Owls

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– The Owls are coming to town Saturday and it could be a hoot for Cards Fans


The Temple Owls come to town this weekend and it could be a real “HOOT” for our Louisville Cardinals. They have a shot to go to 4-0 in the Big East and 9-0 on the season for the first time in school history. In 94 seasons of football our Cards have never reached this mark. Our Cards are currently ranked 10th in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches and 12th in the Associated Press Poll. And they took a huge leap to rank 10th in the BCS standings.

Coach Strong: “We have played well in spurts and, if you watch us offensively, we have been able to take the ball, in most games that we have played, and go score with the opening drive. And defensively, we end up giving up a score. You would like to see us put together a complete game – offense, defense, and then the kicking game.”


Temple enters their second consecutive big east road game after getting manhandled at Pittsburgh this past weekend 47-17. The Owls big running back Montel Harris did gain 72 yards and a TD for the Owls, but he was the only guy with any significant production on the day. The Owls usually mobile Quarter back was eaten up by the Pitt lineman as he only had 22 yards in rushing. He also had a nonproductive day passing the ball as he only threw for 143 yards and one TD. They did have huge success in one area that should be a concern to Louisville fans. Running back Matt Brown tallied 120 yards on 3 kickoff returns. Our Cards had issues last weekend stopping UC on punt and kickoff returns. They will need to improve their susceptibility to the big return this weekend. Our Cards come into the game on Saturday after a thrilling overtime victory against UC. The Cardinals and Bearcats exchanged big play for big play and multiple TD’s in one of the most exciting “Battle of the Keg” games I’ve ever seen. Teddy QB continued his remarkable sophomore campaign throwing for 416 yards and two touchdowns both in impressive fashion in the 4th quarter to Devante Parker. The 64 yard touchdown was followed up by an amazing 64 yards catch where Parker bobbled the pass and tight-roped the back of the end zone as he regained possession for the score. Parker finished with 4 catches for 120 yards.


The Owls have been competitive in most all of their Big East games something that has come as a surprise to many who thought it would take a year or two to adjust. Temple was a Big East member in football only from 1991 to 2004 but was forced out because the program was one of the worst in major college football. The Owls failed to meet minimum requirements for membership, most notably in attendance, facilities and fielding a competitive team. Eight years later, Temple is a competitive program, and the Big East, in need of football-playing members after the departure of several schools, invited the Owls back into the fold.

Coach Steve Addazio:“There are so many positive things going on with this athletics program, this football team, this university and the city of Philadelphia as a whole,””Temple is a great place to be right now.”

Coach Steve Addazio: “Our staff will be one of the best, if not the best coaching staff in the Big East Conference,” “I’m thrilled to go into battle with them.”

Only nine starters are back from last year’s nine-win team. But Temple’s most important returnee could be head coach Steve Addazio who is affectionately referred to as “Vitamin A” because of his high-energy nature on the practice field, on game days and on the recruiting trail. Addazio replaced Al Golden at Temple in December 2010. He was the former Florida offensive coordinator and at one time was on the same coaching staff with Coach Strong.

Temple is taking a step up in weight class from the MAC to the Big East, and they are trying to prove that they won’t be the league’s punching bag. To have a shot against our Cards the Temple D will need to wake up quickly. After yielding 530 yards to an average Pitt offense, the Owls will now face a much more productive squad in our Cards who can both air it out and get yards on the ground in chunks. They will also need a big day from their stud running backs Montel Harris and Matt Brown. QB Chris Coyer will also need to do his part on the ground and through the air. It is important to note that our Cards have been soft against the run the past few weeks, and Temple is a run first offense.

Coach Steve Addazio: “Chris has really grown into a leader on our football team,”” His ability to move the sticks with his arm and his legs is invaluable and make him perfectly suited to run our one-back attack, as well as some two-back sets.”

Addazio on Senior Matt Brown: “Matt Brown is a very good running back,” “He’s one of the leaders on our football team and I think he’ll be one of the best backs in the Big East.”

As we all know Hurricane Sandy caused major problems on the East coast and did cause some problems this week with Temple’s game preparation. There was a lot of uncertainty surrounding Temple’s practice week since Hurricane Sandy forced the university to shut down on Monday and Tuesday. During Monday’s Big East coaches teleconference Addazio said “Preparation-wise, we are absolutely in a flat scramble right now,” “Trying to get our game plan together, our practice together.” “What we get done, we get done.”
Who knows if this will have any effect on our game on Saturday but I did think it was important enough to mention in my pre-game write up.

Even though this game has all the makings of a classic trap game. I really have no concerns as our Cards have faced much adversity this season and seem to always battle out of it. Our Cards boast one of the conference’s best players in Teddy QB. Running back Senorise Perry and wideouts DeVante Parker and Damian Copeland are also among the league’s elite players at their positions. And free safety Calvin Pryor and middle linebacker Preston Brown are regarded as two of the league’s best defensive players. After boasting an 8-0 start I have no doubt that these guys will get the job done. I fully expect Temple to come in and have a great game and that it will be a battle. They all have been battles. But Our Cards will get the win and make history by going to 9-0 on the season.

The Beak Prediction
Louisville 52 Temple 21


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-Coach Pitino has first meeting with media before Thursday’s Exhibition opener.


Pitino met with the media today in a very informative press conference. It was announced that Coach Pitino would be at UofL through the year 2022. Pitino was ask about many things including his team, his horses, the hurricane, and former player TWill.

Here are some of the highlight quotes:

Thought this was a great one by Tom Jurich: When ask if the contracts financial terms change at all? Jurich: “Of course they will. It’s like playing him in golf. He always wins.”

Pitino on contract: “As long as my health is great and I can do what I do with great passion then I’ll keep coaching; I want to do it as long as possible”  “I don’t know if I can live without basketball.” “When I look at the situation I am realistic- 10 years is a long time, but I was born a New Yorker, I want to die a Kentuckian”

Pitino Starting Line-up: For Pikeville and Manhattan  “Siva, Smith, Hancock, Harrell and Dieng”, “Basically what we have is three point guards on the court (Siva, Russ, Luke)”, With Siva, Russ and Hancock- “You have three guys who can create their own shot. And we haven’t had that for a long time.”

Pitno on Chane Behanan: “Chane didn’t have the best summer in the world. Didn’t live in the gym like the rest of the guys. He’ll catch up.”  “I don’t worry about Chane because Montrezl has beat him out. Now if Chane is ready? Will he beat him out? Who knows.” “You have to tell him to go to the gym, If you tell him he will be there and give you all he’s got.”

Pitino on Siva: “If there is a better point guard in America I want to see it.”

Pitino on Gorgui: “Treats every person the same, and is a very real and good spirit.”  “Very poor version of Hakeem Olajuwon; with his movements, has learned a lot about the game.”

Pitino on Montrezl: “Just has to learn the game; needs to work on footwork, passing.”

Pitino on Mangok: “He has has unbelievable speed and quickness, he will be really good, I couldn’t have found a better player.”

Pitino on Zach Price: “Some days I think he’s really got it and some days he’s just not motivated.”

Pitino on Russ Smith: “Russdiculous is an endearing term,” “He’s really, really getting good right now.”

Pitino on Hurricane Sandy: “Lower Manhattan, I have never seen the water come up like that, it hit Jersey hard & those fires. Just devastation.”

Pitino on Horses: “I usually name a horse after the type of person that a player is. I’ll hear a trainer mention a certain characteristic and then it will make of me think of that player.”

Some other things from the presser today. Coach talked briefly about TWill and said that he thought he had the body, passing, and dribbling ability for the NBA. And says that he just needs to find a team that he blends with. We also found out that they will present Elisha Justice with his Final Four ring before the Pikeville game.



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– 2012-13 Louisville Cardinal Women’s Basketball Team


Cardinal nation got some very good news Monday when Edwardsville, Ill., standout guard Emmonie Henderson committed to the Louisville women’s basketball team. The 6-9 guard picked the Cards over the Tennessee Vols. And this could just be the beginning of perhaps several big commitments for Coach Walz as the No. 1 player in the nation Mercedes Russell will pick between U of L and Tennessee at some point in the next few days. Also the reigning Class 6-A Oregon state Player of the Year Jordan Reynolds who is one of the top guards in the country could make her decision very soon.

Coach Walz and his 2012-2013 Women’s basketball team were on display Saturday afternoon as they scrimmaged briefly before the Men’s team took the floor. Here are some pictures and video from that scrimmage. The women’s team is currently ranked #9 in the country. They will kick off their season on Wednesday the 31st when they face Eckerd College.





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– Legaux my Keg-o


The Cards sprinted toward the end zone at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium like kids at Christmas. Sitting idly on the turf was the coveted Keg of Nails, awarded annually to the winner of the Cincinnati/Louisville football game. For the first time in four years, the Cards laid their claws on the prize. Not since October 13, 2007 had UofL beaten the Bearcats. But, after four consecutive losses, the Cardinals tasted victory, winning 34-31 on a rainy, windswept evening in Louisville.

Coach Strong: “Each week it’s going to be like this, so just prepare yourself it’s gonna be tight and it’s gonna be a finish at the end.” But when I look at this football team you can talk about tenacity, you talk about finish, and you talk about resilience.”


Munchie Legaux praised Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater last Tuesday but when he was asked if he considered Bridgewater’s game similar to his, the UC quarterback said, “I’m better. We’ll see Friday night.” But on Friday night Bridgewater let his play on the field do the talking in the win. Bridgewater passed for 417 yards and had 2TD’s and 1 interception in the huge win for the Cardinals. Legaux managed just 157 yards and threw three costly interceptions to his single TD on the night.



On a night where one would expect the Cards running game to be the key factor it wasn’t. The dynamic duo of Wright and Perry only combined for 110 yards and 2 TD’s. It was a night where the receivers and the passing game stole the show. It was the dynamic duo of Parker and Copeland that would combine for 216 yards and some monster plays. Teddy QB connected with DeVante Parker for two terrific touchdowns that included a 30 yard bomb that tied the game 24-24 early in the fourth quarter. The two would connect again for a 64 yard-er to put the Cards up 31-24. The lead would be short lived though as Cincy would put together an impressive drive of their own to tie the game 31 all.



The back and forth battle would go into overtime. On the Cincy possession Munchie Legaux would throw an interception into the end zone to Terrell Floyd. The Cards then kept the ball on the ground for 3 plays and drove 12 yards on their OT possession to give red-shirt freshman John Wallace the curtain call by kicking a 30 yard field goal to win the game. Wallace was hoisted by his team-mates hero style and carried around the field.


John Wallace: “I was calm and cool,” “I had a lot of confidence.”

This win puts Louisville in some very elite territory at 8-0 on the season. The Cards will stay at home next weekend as Temple comes to town. One can only imagine that after this wild Keg party on Friday night that our Cards will vault a few spots in this week’s polls. It was a great game and will now go down as my favorite in this rivalry.



THE BEAK PREVIEW: Cards Vs. Bearcats

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– Ah, Keg of Nails week. I love the smell of nails and kegs in the air.


On Friday night we shall witness a battle for the coolest trophy in all of college sports: the KEG OF NAILS. The origins of this super masculine emblem of greatness are shrouded in legend, but some date the tradition all the way back to 1929. However, some say it originated in 1922. Due to a scheduling conflict, UC was supposed to play both Louisville and West Virginia on the same day. They decided the West Virginia game was more important and sent a JV squad to play the Cardinals. Louisville won, thus claiming the “first” victory however, UC does not recognize this game because its varsity team did not play.

The origin of the Keg of Nails moniker is somewhat murky but rumor has it fraternity members from the University of Cincinnati and the University of Louisville decades ago originated this funky name. As legend has it the keg, or barrel, of nails was used as an item of pride between the fraternities from opposing campuses to signify that the holder of the coveted award was as “tough as nails.” Essentially, the so-called keg of nails was a physical representation of the toughness embodied in the simile, “Our football team is as tough as nails.”

My favorite moment in this rivalry was on November 27, 2004. UC came in at 6-4, 5-2 in C-USA, Louisville at 8-1, 6-0. Before the game, the Bearcats decided it would be a great idea to jump on the Cardinal bird logo at midfield. What a mistake that turned out to be for the Bearcats. Louisville commenced the blowout immediately and would score on the first play of the game as Eric Shelton run up the middle for 80 yards. The Cards piled up 357 rushing yards and 491 total yards in the complete romp winning the game 70-7.

This year’s chapter in the battle for the keg could have been a special one as both teams would have been undefeated. But Cincy had to ruin the ultimate keg party by losing 29-23 to Toledo this past weekend. Cincy QB Legaux had arguably his worst outing of the season completing 15-36 passes for 227 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. The Bearcats rushing attack was solid the entire game as Legaux and running backs Ralph Abernathy and George Winn racked up 250 yards on the ground and one TD. Cincy’s defense also did a decent job as they limited a potent Toledo attack to 355 total yards. The Bearcats were done in by a defensive touchdown, a 91-yard kickoff return late in the game and 5 field goals from Toledo kicker Jeremiah Detmer. Louisville comes into this game having taken care of business against a South Florida team that gave them all they wanted. Beating them 27-25 to go to 7-0 on the season and 2-0 in the Big East. Teddy QB was a non-factor in the first half but displayed some serious heroics in the second half. After throwing a TD early in the third quarter, Bridgewater found his team behind 25-21 with 1:35 remaining when he hit wide out Eli Rogers with the game-winning touchdown. Bridgewater finished with 256 yards on an efficient 21-25 passing and two touchdowns. Senorise Perry and Jeremy Wright had solid performances. The Cards defense took a step back giving up nearly 200 yards on the ground to South Florida.

The Bearcats will have to put the Toledo loss behind them quickly as they prepare for Friday’s contest against our conference leading Cardinals. With still no losses in Big East play, the Bearcats have plenty goals left on the season. Cincy will try to put pressure on the Cardinals defense and will need to get pressure on Teddy Bridgewater in order to have a chance in this one. The UC defense has some potential, but like its offensive counterpart will need some younger players to step up. A lot of UC’s good fortunes rest on Legaux, who must become more accurate and reliable as a starting QB. Cincy is not considered a likely 10-win team, as it was in 2011, but coach Butch Jones is building a foundation for success that will serve UC for years to come. He has talent, and he is getting some leadership.

Coach Jones: “Everything is about building a foundation,” “Every year is a new challenge. It’s a different team. Each team has a different identity. But we have started the expectations and the formula for winning. A lot of players in the program understand the expectations.”


Our Cardinals boast two rushers ranked among the top seven in the Big East in Senorise Perry and Jeremy Wright. They will need to continue their season’s performance against Cincy. But perhaps the biggest key to getting that glorious Keg of Nails back in the Cardinal trophy case lies with Teddy QB’s ability to put the pressure on a Cincy defense that ranks third from the bottom in the Big East in passing yards allowed per game (229.8). Our defense will also have to meet the challenge of stopping a Cincy offense that is improving every game.

Coach Strong: “We’re going to have to play pretty good defense, because I know their quarterback is a runner and a thrower.”


I look for a close contest for most of the game then Teddy QB and company will take things over late as Louisville rides the momentum of a very loud Papa Johns Friday night crowd. Cards will move to 8-0 on the season and hoist the Keg of Nails high.

The Beak Prediction:
Louisville 33 Cincinnati 24


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(Starting Line-ups)
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Great afternoon of basketball in the Yum Center as it seemed to me that both teams settled in and were very efficient. After the first scrimmage I felt the players played a little bit tight. There was none of that this afternoon as both of these squads went after each other. And after watching these guys play against each other at full speed it makes it easy to understand why we have seen our fair share of injuries. They are a very competitive group. This attitude will go a long way at getting this team ready for another title run. It was a very close game throughout but the Red team did prevail 85-74 behind a solid 29 points from Luke Hancock.

(First Half Stats)
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I was again very impressed by the play of Kevin Ware and Montrezl Harrell. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a player in a Louisville uniform attack the rim like Harrell does. He actually gets mad if he can’t dunk the basketball. It is unreal that this guy was a late sign. Boy did we hit the Jackpot. He had 20 points and recorded a game-high five steals and was 9-of-13 from the floor. Watching him play you can’t help but wonder how long we will get to enjoy him as part of our team. This kid has NBA potential written all over him. And what can you say about Kevin Ware? This guy has had a total transformation in the off season. A guy that looked lost on the court last year took over the game in the late part of the second half this afternoon. He put the Red team on his shoulders and wasn’t going to be denied. At one point I couldn’t help but get out of my seat with the performance he was putting on. There is a swagger about him that you don’t see in every player. If there is an “IT” factor Kevin Ware has “IT”. He had 10 rebounds to earn a double-double, scored 20 of his points in the final period.

Luke Hancock seems to be everything we expected him to be. The guy has a really high basketball IQ. He does all the essentials on the basketball floor. I would call him the “Floor General”. He really got to showcase his skills tonight due to Siva rolling his ankle. This guy is going to be special for this team. And I think we’ve just seen him scratch the surface. He led all scorers, registering 29 points was 4-of-4 from 3-point range and a solid 11-of-12 from the charity stripe. He also dished out six assists and had two of the team’s 14 steals.

(Final Stats)
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Anyone who didn’t walk away this afternoon amazed at the potential of this team really doesn’t know much about basketball. If you were going to put a team together this one has all the parts you would look for. If there is a better group than this one I can’t wait to see them going at it in March. To say I’m excited after 2 scrimmages is an understatement. Yes we got a long way to go but this team oozes greatness.

(Photos from scrimmage)


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-Cards stay perfect in Homecoming battle


The Bulls came to Louisville with one thing on their minds Saturday. They wanted to start the second half of their season off right and spoil the Cards Homecoming. But Teddy QB and company were determined not to let that happen as they survived a gutsy effort by South Florida winning the Homecoming battle 27-25. With the win our Cards move to 2-0 in the Big East and 7-0 on the season for just the third time in school history. The last time this happened was in 1925 and 2006.

Coach Strong: “You watch today, and it was a good lesson for us. They came in here, South Florida wanting to win this game bad. But we had the answer at the end.”


These two teams met for the 10th time Saturday and South Florida almost pulled off the stunner. USF kept Louisville off the scoreboard in the first quarter. But the Cardinals would open the second quarter on the USF 1 and Senorise Perry just got enough on fourth down to help give Louisville a 7-3 advantage. Then really got rolling when Jeremy Wright ran 11 yards into the end zone with 3:38 to go before the break. The first half was all about Teddy QB as he completed all 11 of his pass attempts for 125 yards and led all rushers with four attempts for 48 yards. Cards led 14-3 at halftime, but B.J. Daniels and company weren’t going to go away quietly as he threw three TD passes in the second half, the last one putting South Florida ahead 25-21 with 3:09 left. This set the stage for a impressive drive by Teddy QB as he would lead the Cards down the field 75 yards. He set up the winning TD pass by scrambling 11 yards, and officials flagged Bulls cornerback Kayvon Webster for a late hit as the QB went out of bounds. A play later, Bridgewater found Rodgers at the back of the end zone. DeDe Lattimore blocked the extra point and Louisville remained on top 27-25. On South Florida’s ensuing possession, Daniels could only advance the ball to the Bulls’ own 47 before his final throw was intercepted by Adrian Bushell. Cards close out the Bulls to even up the 10 game series at 5 each.

USF Coach Skip Holtz: “Seems like we’ve been here before, we had our opportunities today, but one thing I certainly can say is that this team did go out and just compete their tails off.”


Most impressive moment of the game in my opinion was during a goal-line stand in the third quarter when South Florida thought it had scored not once but twice. After Marcus Shaw’s 4-yard run set up 1st-and-goal from the four, the Cardinals denied the Bulls of the end zone on four straight running plays. Daniels was stuffed for no gain on fourth down and South Florida came away with nothing after eating up over five minutes of the game clock. This is the biggest defensive moment of the season for the Cards.

(Video Courtesy of YouTube channel)



Teddy QB was my player of the game completing 21-of-25 passes for 256 yards and two touchdowns connecting with nine different receivers in his seventh straight game with at least one touchdown pass. He added 74 yards rushing on 10 carries. Other mentionable Senorise Perry and Jeremy Wright each scored a touchdown. Damian Copeland had 93 yards and one TD.


Cardinal Nation was hoping for a game featuring undefeated teams on Friday Night when old rival Cincy comes to town for the Keg of Nails battle. But they were upended by Toledo on Saturday. Nonetheless we will see a battle of undefeated teams in the Big East. This is also the oldest rival for each. Our Cards will look to make history as they go for an 8-0 record matching the feat of 2006.

THE BEAK PREVIEW: Cards vs. Bulls

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– The Beak Preview: Louisville vs. South Florida


After 35 days on the road, our Cards return for Homecoming weekend to face the South Florida Bulls. Our Cards have been on a roll and have a chance to start 7-0 for only the third time in school history. South Florida is on another path. They have been one of the most disappointing teams in College football. After returning pretty much their entire team, including key players from injury last season, the Bulls have stumbled to a 2-4 record and a 0-2 start in the Big East.

Charlie Strong: “It’s good to always come back home to our place,” “I tell our players, now that we’re home; we have to defend our home stadium.”

If you look back to Big East Media days most had this game marked on their schedules as a must watch. They were picked 1 and 2 in the preseason Big East Polls. But it sure doesn’t look like that marquee match up now. Louisville comes into this game 6-0 on the season, ranked 16th in the AP Poll, and 14 in the USA Today Poll. The Cardinals were once again impressive this past Saturday, securing a 10-point victory on the road vs. Pittsburgh. Senorise Perry rushed for four touchdowns and Teddy QB threw for just over 300 yards and a TD and was his usual efficient self. Louisville had 460 yards of total offense and a turnover free performance. They did all of the things you have to get wins on the road. South Florida enters this game coming off a bye week. Before the bye week, South Florida fell at Temple for their fourth straight loss after a 2-0 start to the season. Quarterback BJ Daniels threw for 219 yards, a touchdown, and a pick but continues to get little help from any
other skill players.


South Florida is deep, fast, and mature. They have 45 guys on their roster that have earned at least one letter. But the big question mark for this team is finishing games and stopping the run. They will rely heavily on their QB BJ Daniels who is having a good season throwing for 1,504 yards and 10 TDs while ranking second on the team with 277 rushing yards and 4 scores. Our Cards have had issues this season with a scrambling quarterback so this could be interesting.

Skip Holtz on his QB: “He’s incredibly athletic and extremely talented. He’s got a lot of different skill sets as a quarterback. His biggest growth has been developing mentally, understanding the offense and playing within the system. He’s gotten past what to do and is getting into how to do it. That’s what you have to have to be a great player.”


Our Cards have a 6-5 record in October and have won three in a row in the 10th month under Coach Strong. The Cards have at least two rushing TD’s in each of the six games this season. Teddy QB has 19 throws that have gone for better than 20 yards in the last six games.

The Bulls are 5-4 in this all-time series, including a 24-21 overtime win in 2010 when the programs last met in Louisville. Last year our Cards got the victory over the Bulls 34-24 in Tampa. South Florida is 3-12 in their last 15 games against the spread and Louisville is 5-0 against the spread in the month of October.

Our Cards have looked very good at times this season and really impressed me with how they fought on the road to get wins. South Florida has not looked impressive this season but they will give our Cards a good game Saturday. I even expect them to get the lead early. But the Cards offense will be too much for the Bulls defense to handle. Cards will close out this game in the end and move to 7-0.

The Beak Prediction:
Louisville 31 South Florida 24


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-Big East Media Days: Cards in the spotlight/Pitino & Boeheim have war of words

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Louisville is the runaway choice to win the 2012-13 Big East title in the Big East preseason coaches’ poll, which was released on Wednesday morning prior to the league’s annual media day event in New York City. And For the first time in Big East Conference history, a Louisville player Peyton Siva has been tabbed as the league’s Preseason Player of the Year.

Our Cardinals received 14 first-place votes and a total of 196 points. The league’s head coaches do not place their own teams on their ballots, so the other first-place vote, cast by Rick Pitino, went to Notre Dame.

There are 15 Big East basketball teams, but since Uconn is banned from the post season only 14 will play in the Big East Tournament.

Photobucket-2012-13 Preseason Coaches’ Poll

1. Louisville (14) 196

2. Syracuse 175

3. Notre Dame (1) 166

4. Cincinnati 152

5. Georgetown 136

6. Pittsburgh 132

7. Marquette 121

8. USF 96

9. Connecticut 83

10. St. John’s 73

11. Rutgers 63

12. Villanova 61

13. DePaul 48

14. Seton Hall 42

15. Providence 31

Below are the Preseason All-Big East teams:

Photobucket-2012-13 BIG EAST Preseason Player of the Year
Peyton Siva, Louisville

Siva on the Big East: “The Big East is special. There’s nothing like playing in the Big East Tournament.”

Siva on the quality of the Big East: “Providence is picked 16th (sic) and they smacked us by 31 last year.”

Photobucket-2012-13 BIG EAST Preseason Rookie of the Year
Steven Adams, Pittsburgh

Photobucket-2012-13 Preseason All-BIG EAST First Team

Sean Kilpatrick, Cincinnati, G, Jr., 6-4, 221, White Plains, N.Y.

Otto Porter, Georgetown, F, So., 6-8, 205, Sikeston, Mo.

Gorgui Dieng, Louisville, C, Jr., 6-10, 225, Dakar, Senegal

Jack Cooley, Notre Dame, F, Sr., 6-9, 244, Glenview, Ill.

Vincent Council, Providence, G, Sr., 6-2, 180, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Photobucket-2012-13 Preseason All-BIG EAST Second Team

Shabazz Napier, Connecticut, G, Jr., 6-1, 171, Roxbury, Mass.

Cleveland Melvin, DePaul, F, Jr., 6-8, 208, Baltimore, Md.

D’Angelo Harrison, St. John’s, G, So., 6-3, 202, Missouri City, Texas

Anthony Collins, USF, So., G, 6-1, 175, Houston, Texas

Brandon Triche, Syracuse, G, Sr., 6-4, 205, Jamesville, N.Y.

Photobucket-2012-13 Preseason BIG EAST Honorable Mention

Chane Behanan, Louisville, F, So., 6-7, 250, Cincinnati, Ohio

Jerian Grant, Notre Dame, G, Jr., 6-5, 185, Bowie, Md.

Tray Woodall, Pittsburgh, G, Sr., 5-11, 190, Brooklyn, N.Y.

C.J. Fair, Syracuse, F, Jr., 6-8, 212, Baltimore, Md.

Perhaps the biggest news out of the Media Days event was the war of words between Coach Pitino and Jim Boeheim. The two Hall of Famers got into a friendly war of words over the question of whether Memphis and Temple could replace Cuse and Pitt in the Big East. Rick says yes, but Jim says no.

Boeheim: “Rick’s full of shit if that’s what he really said,” “If he was in the Big 12 right now like he wanted to be, he’d being saying the Big 12 is the best. That’s the bottom line.”
“The only thing I’ll say about what Rick said all summer is that if Louisville could have left they would have left,” “Everybody knows it and I’m really tired of him saying what Syracuse should be or should have done because they would have left in a heartbeat. Everybody knows it.” “I don’t mind him denying that fact, but when they start talking about Syracuse, I’m going to start talking about them.”

Pitino: “I think he’s full of shit, and so we’re both full of it,” ”I think without question Temple and Memphis…Look, we’re going to miss Syracuse because they bring more than just a team. They bring the fans and Memphis and Temple can’t do that.” “But anybody who looks at where Memphis has been in the last 10-12 years, anybody who looks at the tradition of Temple and knows Franny Dunphy, would know I’m not full of shit.” “If Temple played Syracuse 10 times right now, one’s gonna win six and the other’s gonna four. Syracuse and Pitt are two great teams.”
“I think [Boeheim] is full of shit. I’ve worked with Jim, I don’t always agree with him.”
(Quotes Courtesy of SNYtv & Props to @AdamZagoria for landing all the “full of shit” quotes. His story is great! ZagsBlog )

Good stuff! And looking forward to watching Pitino take it to Cuse this season. Hope we send them out in style.